The Perfect Pitch

21 Okt

Zur Vorbereitung auf den Pitch beim Startup Weekend und vor Allem dem Pitch heute Abend bekamen die Teilnehmer des GründerBus schon letzten Sonntag ein paar gute Tipps beim Vortrag von Jan Fülscher: The Perfect Pitch! Hier ein paar Auszüge. Hinweise und Fragen, die man sich vorher stellen sollte oder die einem beim Pitch gestellt werden könnten.

A pitch is about selling your case to investors.

Be efficient!

Be short!

Say what you have to say.

No technical details.

Don’t mention anything that you don’t know much about.

What is my goal?

What do i want to achieve?

What do they want to achieve?

Who are they?


Investors pitch:

People who have money and on the other hand people who are gatekeepers and can help you as well. (But they are different)

The professional investor sees hundreds of pitches every day


if you talk to investors you…

… sell a dream

allow the investor to be part of it. It’s about the investor and you.

The investor pitch is about the future. You don’t know about the future.

Don’t try to say something which you can not know (you may talk about estimations)


Business Angels – they want to become part of your team (address them as persons)

VCs – have plans and a portfolio, they don’t invest their own money (be precise and fact-based if you want to convince them)

What you audience is interested in?

What ist he problem?

How are you going to earn money with that?

How big ist the market?

Are you to right one, are you competent?

Can you protect yourself against competitors?

Always wrong: „there is no competition“

Never never never even try to lie!


The slides:

Logo in the slide master

Include page numbers

No animations on the slides

One or at most tow levels of bullet points (not more than 2)

Add graphics where appropoiate (NOT financials)

Use only one font available on any platform

Avoid jargon and abbreviations

Usa a large font (24+, better: 30)


A pitch is a show – enjoy it. It is fun! (try to make it fun)

The CEO presents the case.

Feel great; feel competent.

Dont change speakers (breaks the flow).

Know your pitch by heart.

Know your key figures. (revenues, numbers…)

At the end, summarize the most important four points.

Thank the audience for their attention.

Manage the Q&A.

Listen to the questions.

Ask back.

If you do have the answer: answer, if you don’t know, then tell us so!

Whatever happens: stay cool.



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